Emir Cerimovic

I am an artist, painter, drawer, movie maker, animator, graphic designer, coder, game designer, philosopher, nature lover and a madman with a passion for creating new worlds with new rules. If you like what I am doing, you can support my work on Patreon and get exclusive artwork and play all my games!

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Draws and compositions that are a reflexion on human condition, our society, war, sexe and more generally life. Here you can find my big size charcoal draws, concept draws, digital art and paintings.

Graphic Design

Book covers

ADF record sleeve


Graphic Design


Almost Alive intro

Almost alive introduction animation and all the graphics in the game are by me.

This War of Mine

This war of mine launch trailer. I provided art and was a consultant for that awesome game.

Ten years after (only in french)

Why was there a war in Bosnia? Through discussions, readings or movies, I came to the conclusion which I found only at Phillipe Squarzoni’s « Garduno, in peacetime ». I thus have decided to return to Bosnia armed with a small camera and to ask questions relative to my explanation to close relations.


Reflexion about capitalism which reminds Orwell’s « 1984 ». We are all brainwashed by the consumption propaganda.


One haiku from Basho inspired this animation « On a bare branch, a crow this autumn evening ». Cooperative work with Cyril Piquet


One out of many commercial animations I created.



Almost Alive, a tactical role playing game in a mad post apocalyptic world with an awesome real time combat system!

A fully hand drawn tactical action role playing game set in a mad post apocalyptic world where psychological aspects of your character will be changed du to your player reflexes

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The ultimate manliness. Tons of weapons and items, squad evolving, pumping iron, tactics, dual welding… and intense non stop action.  A parody of 80’s action movies in an action, adventure, platform, tactical, RPG  game. Chris Pickering’s game, I made all the graphics.

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We play a teenager on his own in Sarajevo between 1992 and 1995. All the scenes of the game are a testimony of Bosnian war. Through time the war became a deadly game where Sarajevo inhabitants would risk their lives walking in the city every morning just to feel alive. Reality of war is boredom, you can only walk around in a closed area, go for water or wood (no electricity, no food, no windows, hard winter, no tap water, shelling, snipers, fear…), sleep, draw, read with a candle as only light…The confrontation of the reality of the war in a video game is also a way to underline the importance of the luck. It is the choices of the player but also the luck which will make you survive or not.



Silk route

Serge is a well known world wide musician. He plays over 200 different instruments and merge them through stories, travels, time. He is meeting people  in his concerts expositions, where one can hear world wide instruments through his latest compositions but also speak with the musician and learn more about world wide music. This is a small game reproducing Serge’s Bulot silk route exposition concert. The character can play small concert extracts by clicking on the instruments.




A video game using the murder instinct of any conditioned gamer, to trap him. The player believes he has to kill everyone moving on the screen. In fact the other characters do not attack and pass next to the hero who is invulnerable until he commits suicide due to all the violence he generated. Of course if he kills nobody, he can walk around and smoke, but the game becomes then uninteresting.


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